SEO Syracuse, NY – Three Steps For Better Search Results

So, you’ve just been reminded, again, that your website is ugly and your SEO stinks. We feel your pain, and can help.

Three steps to better search results – SEO Syracuse, NY

  1. Get a Free SEO report card. We’ll pore over your website and let you know what can be done to improve your SEO results now. You’ll receive actionable tips, that when implemented, will make a difference!
  2. Do your homework – keyword research. Let’s face it, Syracuse, NY is not the center of the universe… and that’s what we love about it. That said, using the Google Keyword Tool is like being at the center of the universe. It allows you to see how the world searches for the terms most important to you.
  3. Create content. A smart person once said “the value of content has never been less, but its importance has never been greater!” Once you know how people are searching, start creating content aligned with those terms.