Merima Veiz

Marketing Specialist

Multilingual, multi-talented.

Merima earned her bachelor’s in business administration from SUNY Polytechnic Institute and is currently working towards her MBA from Utica College. After completing her undergrad, Merima secured a job as a project coordinator at Griffiss Institute where she supported the technology transfer of Air Force intellectual property to the commercial market. She joined Site-Seeker in March 2018 as a marketing specialist. Merima works closely with one of our largest partners – Excel Dryer – to perform project management, sales assistance, and trade show coordination. Living in Utica, NY, she has a sometimes serious addiction to coffee and lattes, enjoys playing volleyball and tennis, and loves exploring new cities. She speaks English, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. So the next time you say “hi” to her, mix it up!


Top Strengths

  • 1. Arranger
  • 2. Achiever
  • 3. Responsibility
  • 4. Relator
  • 5. Learner