Internet Marketing for Syracuse, NY

Why do I love Internet marketing in Syracuse, NY?

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Here are my top ten reasons for loving Internet marketing in Syracuse, NY:

  1. Client’s just get it!Let’s face it, whether you live in Syracuse, Utica, Watertown or Binghamton, New York, Central NY gets mighty cold in the winter. Having owned businesses in this area since 2000, I have come to the conclusion that there is no place I would rather live. However, in order to achieve real growth, we need to promote our business outside of Upstate New York.
  2. Business’ recognize and appreciate the value you deliver. I’ll never forget the first time, we delivered a search engine ranking report showing that our Client’s website ranked on the first page of Google for all of their important terms. My Client was over the moon, and I have to say, I was pretty proud of our Internet marketing staff! Business people in Syracuse, NY are not afraid or reluctant to show their appreciation for a job well done.
  3. I get to work with my friends. If you’re like me, the people you work closest with become your friends. In our business, a service business providing Internet marketing services, we work closely with our Clients. In the process friendships develop. This in turn makes going to work more like visiting with friends. What a ball!
  4. Ability to live close to family. My family, five boys total (our poor Mom!), grew up in Buffalo, NY and while we have all spread out a bit, living in Upstate allows us all to come together on holidays and for special family functions. If you did not know it, my brother Eddie and I are partners at Site-Seeker, we’ve been able to live in the same town for about fifteen years and watch each others children grow up.
  5. Great food. There are so many great restaurants in Syracuse, NY that I have trouble keeping track. Every time I think I know this town well, someone introduces me to another fantastic place to grab lunch.
  6. Diversity of the work. Whether we are providing search engine optimization services to a manufacturer, running a pay per click campaign for a company in the financial services industry, or developing a social media strategy for a client serving the business to consumer market; providing Internet marketing in Syracuse, NY gives us an opportunity to utilize all the aspects of online advertising, while working with some of the most down to earth people around… I guess the part about working with great people is a little redundant.
  7. Access to great talent! What can I say…  it’s great to be close to Syracuse University! I attended the Syracuse University Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp a few years back. In addition to learning from the best business professors in the country, I met some great people. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of helping out at Syracuse University’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities. Again, a wonderful experience. Finally, I’ve met some incredibly talented developers and Internet marketing practitioners right here in our own backyard.
  8. We have four seasons. Okay, I had to say that. I would actually prefer it if we had one long summer.
  9. Clients are willing to try something new. Internet marketing, whether in Syracuse, NY or not is new. By its very nature it changes at a blistering pace. Half science and half art, what’s new today is yesterday’s news tomorrow. To be an effective businesses, you need to embrace this change. Doing so let’s you stay ahead of your competition.

And the number one reason I love SEO Syracuse, NY is…

10. We can make a huge (sorry Billy!) impact on our local economy! Hungry, find a restaurant online. Developing a turbo charger for the next mini cooper, find a gear manufacturer online. With every problem we solve or need we have, we eventually end up on a search engine. If your company is positioned at the top, you will have a chance to solve that problem, or fulfill that need.