Why You Need An SSL Certificate Now

Do you want to scare away 60% of your website visitors?

Oh, glad to see we have your attention.

Well, if you don’t have an SSL Certificate, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing come October. Google has announced that starting in October, Chrome users will be warned when entering a website without an SSL Certificate. The Chrome browser accounts for 60% of all internet users!

SSL Certificate encryptionWhat is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This technology ensures any information and data passed to a website is encrypted. Only the intended receiver will be able to, in simple terms, unscramble the code. In the rare chance that hackers intercept the message, the encryption makes it nearly impossible for them to do anything with it.

This high level of security protects customer information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank accounts, contact information and more.

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A Must Have for E-commerce Sites

E-commerce is nothing new. We’ve all provided invaluable personal data online in order to make purchases. In fact, consumers today don’t even think twice about the information they provide – it’s simply a way of life.

With the transfer of money, it makes sense why e-commerce sites need SSL Certificates. If not, hackers could easily steal credit card information and buy that new television they’ve been eyeing. However, Google is now suggesting that all websites, not just e-commerce, possess this added level of security.

SEO Benefits of SSL

SSL Certificate Impact on SEOThe search engine giant has made it no secret that having an SSL Certificate will improve your rankings.

Do you really need more of a reason?

Okay, let’s go back to scaring away 60% of your traffic. I don’t know about you, but I am leaving a site immediately if I receive a warning saying it is not secure – whether I intended on buying something or not. It’s fair to assume that most users would do the same. As a result, that site’s bounce rate is going to skyrocket.

When a website’s bounce rate goes up, it’s Google rankings go down. Google’s main goal (other than making billions of dollars) is to provide users with the best online experience possible. Sending them to relevant, safe and secure sites obviously fits ithat description.

We can honestly view Google as a teacher or parent. We may not know exactly why they tell us to do something, but we know enough to listen to them. However, this isn’t a case of following blindly by any means. An SSL Certificate will make your site more secure, which is exactly what Google and your website visitors want.

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