Social Media For The Antisocial (Business)

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Believe it or not, there are still businesses out there that refuse to hop on the social media bandwagon. “What’s the point? It’s a waste of time!” they say. These businesses are usually staffed by those who are resistant to change and are slower to adopt new technology. However, they are right not to completely abandon their current practices and put all their eggs in one basket. In today’s marketing world, social media can be used to complement traditional marketing tactics. If you’re one of those businesses who finds themselves being “antisocial,” here are 5 tips to get the conversation started.

Grow Your Social Platforms Through Traditional Media

Okay, so you’ve accepted that your business needs to become more social. But where do you start? Start by crafting a message that focuses on driving your target market to your social channel(s) through traditional media such as print, TV and radio ads. The message should be compelling and give the reader a reason to become a part of the social community. Promote free samples, special offers, or something unique to your business that will shift the conversation from offline to online.

Use Social Media As An Extension Of Your Store Front

Your website isn’t the only thing that represents your business online anymore. As social media platforms continue to evolve the more transactional they will become. Facebook already allows businesses to integrate e-commerce apps like Shopify onto their pages so customers can make purchases and view inventory without having to leave the social channel. Take advantage of apps like these to extend your online presence and provide a better user experience to your customer.

Leverage Social Media To Share New & Old Content

We’ve all heard it over and over again, “content is king!”  To be honest, I’m kind of tired of hearing this but that doesn’t make it any less true. If your company is blogging or creating videos, make sure to share them across your social channels to increase their exposure. But what if your company doesn’t have a blog or any type of media to share? Well, you have two options here…

1) Get crackin’! Start by developing a content marketing plan and understand the resources you have to make it a success. If you need ideas for different types of content to include in your plan, check out 101 Types Of Content For Your Content Marketing Plan.  

2) Get diggin’! Maybe the CEO of your company was interviewed by some magazine at one point or your company won an award at some tradeshow. Find that article or take a picture of the award you won and share it! Try and find older content that is worth sharing and repurpose it.

Organize Offline Events Through Social

Ahh, it’s that time of year again where the entire office participates in raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project and this year you are looking to raise twice as much. Or maybe you are looking to clear out some old inventory to make room for a new shipment so you decide to have an in-store sale. In either scenario, the goal is to raise as much awareness as you possibly can.

Sharing this event in the social media world can help give your offline event an extra boost by spreading the word faster than traditional media. If you have already created a flyer or print ad for the store, reuse that image and share on your social networks!  Some social sites like Facebook actually allow you to create a calendar event of which you can invite your customers to and even gives them the option to RSVP.

Use Offline Media To Ask For Feedback Online

Let’s say your company is gearing up to release a new product and there is a large print campaign that’s been created around the launch. Why not include a short message like “Share with us what you think of our new XYZ!” and include icons, @handles or links to the social media channels you want to funnel them to. This could also apply to an existing product, service or pretty much anything you want to get feedback on!

Insider Tip: From an SEO perspective I like pushing for feedback / reviews on Google+

In the end, I hope these tips help encourage “anti-social” companies to blossom into the beautiful social butterflies I know they can be! For more info on how to integrate social media into your upcoming marketing plans feel free to give me a buzz!