If we mention “Facebook” and you start thinking about cat videos, you must be hanging with the wrong crowd.

Facebook has a greater purpose. Same with Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Social media is a platform for companies to create brand identities, build engagement with fans and followers, and ultimately, drive sales. We have an extremely wide client base – from B2C restaurants to B2B forklift distributors. Our team has developed a wide array of social media campaigns, designed for these (and many other) target audiences. We’ll help you decide which channels are most important, based on the social habits of your customers, and tailor a strategy with that in mind. Every post is carefully calculated and designed to help reach your goals. If you haven’t started taking advantage of social media, you’re already behind.

  • Be Social:

    83% of the web is on social
    1.1 billion Facebook users
    6,000 tweets/second