How can social media marketing drive sales?

In many ways! As technology continues to evolve and mobilize, social media will only continue to grow in popularity – even amongst businesses. As with any marketing strategy or tactic, you want to be where your customers are; and as more people are on social media than ever, your business should be, too!

Social media marketing isn’t about simply posting pictures or updates. Instead, platforms give you the opportunity to create a strong brand that connects and engages with your target audience. At Site-Seeker, we serve businesses from all industries, whether they’re B2B or B2C. We’ll help you determine which platforms are the most important, derived from the social habits of your target audience.

To start, our team conducts influencer research to help build a strong fan base. From there, we’ll develop campaigns with specific goals, whether that’s promoting a new product or service, creating brand awareness, sharing company news or more.

Each step of the social media marketing process works together to end in one result: driving more business to you! Having a hard time understanding how social media can turn into sales? Let Tom explain more:

If you haven’t started taking advantage of social media, you’re already well behind the curve – just look at how many of your competitors are active on social. Site-Seeker is a trusted social media marketing agency with a team of experts who hold certifications, industry experience and more.

  • Be Social:

    83% of the web is on social
    1.1 billion Facebook users
    6,000 tweets/second