The average person in 1970 saw 1,000 ads per day. Today? It’s close to 5,000.

We’re inundated with ads from all directions – most of which we can’t even recall as soon as we pass by. Online advertising is different though. With specific targeting options, we can narrow down who sees the ads. By location. By industry. By interest. Our team is certified in Google AdWords and have years of experience building successful SEM campaigns while managing more than $1 million per year in paid traffic. Other programs include Bing Ads, Yelp Ads, social media advertising, audio streaming like Pandora or Spotify, and video streaming like YouTube and Hulu. The results? We drive qualified traffic to your site, thanks to competitive analysis, intriguing copy and visuals, and relevant targeting. Pay-to-play and reach your digital goals faster. Choose Site-Seeker as your go-to PPC advertising company.