Digital Advertising

Whatever you want to call online advertising, the least you should know is that it’s crucial for businesses to survive. No longer are ads in the yellow pages and friend referrals enough. As consumers, we’re inundated with ads from all directions – most of which we can’t even recall as soon as we pass by. Digital advertising is different. With specific targeting options, we can narrow down those who see ads. By location. By industry. By interest.

However, our job doesn’t end there. Our goal isn’t just to drive targeted users to your website. Instead, Site-Seeker aims to make it as easy as possible for those visitors to convert – whether that’s filling out a form, sending an email, or calling your business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

We know you’ve seen ads on Google. But did you know they actually work? Through specific targeting, our PPC advertising experts can drive the most qualified users to your website – users with intent to purchase. We have more than experience; we thrive in Google Ads and Bing Ads, with our certified team managing more than $1 million in advertising a year!

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic ads allow you to target the customers you want to reach most across the web. You can learn more about programmatic advertising and how your audience can be built to target those that have particular interests based on keywords, device types, IP addresses, behaviors or interests. Because when you choose to advertise based on where they have been and what they like, your ads are tailored and will more likely resonate. The real-time, automated bidding process that’s associated with these programs across connected web networks may be just what your business needs.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… The opportunities are endless when it comes to advertising on social media. Like PPC, these platforms provide targeting options that drive the right audience to you. Don’t believe in social media advertising? See what our digital marketing expert Tom Armitage has to say:

As the digital landscape continues to change daily, our team has constantly adapted to best serve our clients. We’ve explored online advertising through Pandora and Spotify, Yelp, YouTube, Hulu and more. So wherever your customers are, we can find them and guide them to you!