SEO Best Practices for Long Scrolling Sites

A common question people ask about long scroller or panel websites is “are they SEO friendly”. For years it has been common practice to split up long pages and create very clear topic focused pages, so its not that surprising to hear these type of questions come up.

Google as always is adapting to the trends of the net, but you need to make sure your scrolling site is setup correctly. Google has made some recommendation that you use url variable over traditional anchor links. They also recommend that you not duplicate content over your page sections. These types of sites might be best for news or blog sites where you hope to keep scrolling visitors with lots of engaging content, but I have seen many different uses. Facebook is the most common site that everyone is familiar with that uses this type of content area. Just look at anyone’s wall, or your own news feed. Scroll down to the bottom and more content appears.

These type of sites are not appropriate for everyone due to content flow. However they can be very SEO friendly if each of their virtual pages have unique content on them and don’t over lap with each other. In fact some would argue that these type of scrolling websites actually have less duplicate content issues then a traditional site because most of the content would appear on the same page.

To sum it up, if the flow works for you, this is a viable option and you will not have SEO issues with long bits of content. As long as your visitors respond positively to your layout you will be fine.