Rudy Schmid SEO


Local Optimization Drives Local Traffic

Rudy Schmid is a long time client that not only benefits from “general” SEO, but they especially benefit from local SEO. Local optimization is so important because of the type of business Rudy Schmid is, a local auto repair shop. Rudy Schmid depends on local customers finding them via organic search whether customers are on their phones, computer or tablet. Making sure their title tags, content and overall site has been optimized is important, but so are the Google reviews Rudy Schmid receives.

We all know that people rely on other people’s past experiences. Google knows it too. Reviews are so important that it is believed to have some significant weight in the Google algorithm.

Working with our client to create a program, they were able to obtain over 73 reviews…and are still counting! With these reviews, we have noticed that local organic traffic has increased 9% year-over-year and overall organic traffic has increased 25% year-over-year, as shown in the graph.