Northland Communications SEO


Central New York SEO


The job of Northland’s sales team is to close deals. Since Northland only provides telecom services to businesses across the Central New York region, this became very difficult to do when more than half their time was spent dealing with out-of-state customers and homeowners.

They turned to Site-Seeker to eliminate those non-New Yorkers and also any residential inquiries while increasing qualified business leads at the same time. Our SEO strategy didn’t disappoint.

In conjunction with their new website, Site-Seeker implemented a localized SEO plan that targeted CNY businesses. The result? Total traffic dropped by more than 10 percent, which was exactly what the client needed! As total traffic decreased from states like California, Texas, the Carolinas and more, New York State organic traffic surged, bringing in those qualified leads. The sales team can now focus on them rather than waste time on unqualified customers.

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