Indium Lead Nurturing


A New Approach to Lead Nurturing

Indium, a premier materials supplier, was receiving numerous leads from its website, but instead of sales engineers maximizing their time by closing sales, time instead was spent determining if the leads were qualified or not.

To streamline the sales process, Indium wanted to launch a lead nurturing program, but several obstacles made the task difficult. Since the organization’s protocols restricted third-party marketing agencies from managing a lead nurturing system, Site-Seeker offered the organization a different approach.

Site-Seeker hired a lead nurturing expert specifically for Indium and trained the individual using the company’s internal tools. After a one-year test period, Indium hired the expert full-time to oversee its lead nurturing program. It allowed the sales team to stay “out of the weeds” until the leads were marked as qualified and this newly appointed expert was able to build dozens of campaigns and hundreds of emails to nurture the thousands of contacts in the database. Turns out, the process was a hit and made lead qualification easier for the company and highly effective.