Excel Dryer Lead Nurturing


Lead Nurture Streams

With tens of thousands of contacts and customers of varying personas at different levels of the buying cycle, lead nurturing is a crucial process for Excel Dryer to educate and qualify leads. Putting prospects through nurture streams can be an organized and efficient way to determine where they fall in the buying cycle, what their primary interests are, and which persona they are considered, to name a few. Each interaction can produce a unique response, resulting in an almost custom experience for each prospect.

The materials and statistics that an End User is interested in can be different than those of an Architect. If they know what persona a prospect classifies as they can nurture them with the information they are seeking. If they do not know a prospects classification, they can use lead nurturing to determine that persona!

With nurture programs that can range from a few weeks to a few years, Excel Dryer can always ensure they are engaging with their customers and helping them along their own specific buyer’s journey. Excel Dryer looks to Site-Seeker to conceptualize, develop, build, and monitor these nurture streams and their effects.