Excel Dryer Buyer Personas


Developing buyer personas

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Targeting the Right Buyers

When selling a catalog of items as versatile as Excel Dryer Hand Dryers, there are many different customer bases you need to be prepared for. This is one of the reasons why Excel Dryer contacted Site-Seeker to build their customer personas. With distinct differences between their equally important customer personas, Excel Dryer went as far as dedicating individual pages on their website for each.

So, whether you are an architect gathering information for an upcoming build, a restaurant looking for a more hygienic bathroom, or a government agency pursuing a green initiative, there are pages on their site tailored to your needs and interests.

Additionally, they use these personas as the baseline for their lead nurturing program, another service executed by Site-Seeker. Utilizing these personas throughout their lead nurturing program ensures that a prospect receives the most relevant and beneficial information through all thematic interactions.