CoreLife Eatery Grand Opening Plan


Creating a Strong Social Media Presence

The period before CoreLife Eatery opens a new restaurant is critical. As the young company expands throughout the country, many future customers are unfamiliar with the brand before their local eatery opens.

Using a tactful strategy consisting of social media marketing, email marketing, influencer research, email marketing, search engine optimization, and VIP giveaways, Site-Seeker raises CoreLife Eatery’s brand awareness and visibility in the new market and maximizes the weeks before the launch of the new store. The 110-point plan, with 100 pieces of content, has helped to successfully launch more than 20 stores to date. 

Once the opening plan is fulfilled, Site-Seeker uses a number of benchmarks to measure its success. On average, each new store that implements the grand opening plan receives more than 7,500 social media fans, more than 150 reviews, tens of thousands of engagements, and hundreds of thousands of video views, creating a strong foundation for the store’s future social media presence. Upon eating at the restaurant for the first time, customers often say that they initially heard of CoreLife Eatery through social media.