CoreLife Eatery Enterprise Social Advertising


Advertising Within a Growing Social Media Community

Thanks to a social media strategy that primarily relies on creating hyper-local online communities surrounding each restaurant, CoreLife Eatery has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers nationwide.

In addition to leading CoreLife Eatery’s organic social efforts, Site-Seeker also manages a complex advertising program and budget and crafts strategic ads at the local level of all stores – taking into consideration varying audiences, messaging, and time of day.

When launching a new eatery and a corresponding social profile, a larger advertising budget is allocated for the local page to stimulate conversations between the brand and users. Site-Seeker creates advertising audiences that mirror the eatery’s key personas. By focusing on a number of criteria such as geography, age, and interests, Site-Seeker is able to tailor messages to each specific audience, and therefore make spending more cost-effective.

As time progresses, smaller budgets are leveraged to promote specialty posts, enhance recruitment efforts, continue engaging followers, and driving customers toward repeat web visits and orders.