CoreLife Eatery Email Marketing


Turn Contacts Into Customers

2 years. 18,000+ email addresses.

How did we do it?

Site-Seeker helped build CoreLife Eatery’s email database through contests and promotions. Email marketing played a huge role. With significant potential to convert these acquired contacts into repeat customers, Site-Seeker defined a strategy to leverage this database to push tailored messaging and reach important goals.

Before a new eatery opens its doors, Site-Seeker uses email marketing to distribute nearly 500 VIP vouchers to its soft opening events. Contact then continues through email reminders to attend the VIP events and requests to submit Facebook reviews about their experience, an essential element in its social media presence.

In addition to turning these contacts into customers, email marketing efforts focus on increasing registration and ticket sales for CoreLife Eatery events centered around its mission to fuel healthy, active lifestyles. By remarketing to individuals who have attended these events in the past, Site-Seeker has been able to sell out events in just a few short hours.