CoreLife Eatery Contests


Contests Spark Engagement

After the honeymoon phase of a new store ends, sparking ongoing engagement can be a challenge. CoreLife Eatery needed a way to keep conversations going about its brand and product. Creating contests that are fun and easy to enter, while also reinforcing the brand’s messaging, are great ways to keep the brand top of mind.

Site-Seeker conducted the #Savory16 contest, which played on the buzz of March Madness. Guests were encouraged to submit their favorite “build-your-own-bowl” creations for a chance to win a week’s worth of CoreLife Eatery and an Apple Watch. Voting in a bracket style system determined the winner. More than 50 entries were obtained (before being narrowed down to the top 16) and nearly 3,000 votes were cast during the contest. There were thousands of likes, shares and comments and sentiment was extremely positive. In addition, we generated 10,000 unique pageviews creating a tremendous amount of new traffic to the website. Lastly, we added more than 1,000 new email addresses to CoreLife Eatery’s database to be used for future email marketing.

A guessing contest, while simple in scope, had a large impact on CoreLife Eatery’s website traffic and engagement. We asked people to guess how many black beans were in the bowl pictured. Low barriers to enter garnered 1,600 entries, 1,500 engagements, and nearly 3,000 unique pageviews.

While still focusing on the client’s product, we were able to continue fostering conversation, keep customers excited about the brand, and further build out our contact list.