CoreLife Eatery Blogging


Branding and Storytelling Through Blogging

CoreLife Eatery’s concept revolves around providing healthy, scratch-made meals and motivating its customers to live healthy, active lifestyles. To establish the brand as a thought-leader, Site-Seeker began writing blogs that informs and inspires customers.

Following research into keywords and trending topics, Site-Seeker writes and publishes 2-3 blogs per month that focus on meaningful topics in the health and wellness industry and that are important to the client’s target audience. The blogs are rich in content that is educational and informational while helping readers take actionable steps for self-improvement. They are written in an engaging and conversational tone while being optimized for search.

The posts are then promoted on each of CoreLife Eatery’s social media channels. Over time, the blog has seen an 88% lift in visitors. It has also helped to establish CoreLife Eatery as an authoritative source in the field.