Cengage PTR Market Research


Online Market Research

As a major book publishing company, Cengage Learning PTR was seeing a trend of declining website visits and transactions but steady sales. If they weren’t transacting through the e-commerce platform, then where were the sales taking place? Site-Seeker developed specific questionnaires to help answer critical questions that Cengage had about its core audience. Using Google Surveys and market research best practices, we worked on a shoestring¬†budget to gather important data about today’s readers.

Real-Time Decision Making

What good is data if actions are not taken as a result? After completing the surveys and gathering data, one recommendation was adding links on all book pages for Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com, where we knew consumers were more likely to purchase. Also, we recommended the client fully embrace social media since word of mouth from friends was the lead vote-getter for how readers discover new material.