Adjusters International Website Audit


Fixing Website Traffic Nosedive

In an effort to determine what caused Adjusters International’s website traffic to dip to an alarming 1,400 sessions a month, Site-Seeker conducted a website audit to pinpoint what went wrong.

First, emergency site repairs were implemented to fix organic traffic issues, including 301 redirects, elimination of duplicate pages and the addition of canonical links, and SEO tags on top landing pages. This helped stop the bleeding and, in just eight months, helped increase the site’s traffic by 150%.

At the same time, Site-Seeker also developed a new mobile friendly, SEO-focused website, which contributed to the success of the site. Finally, an internet marketing plan was crafted and implemented that focused on internal and external linking.

As a result of these efforts, Adjusters International surpassed the highest month of traffic in its website history, while also increasing leads 100% year over year.

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