New Years Resolution: Self-Evaluate Your Website’s Online Presence

2013 has come and it is time to evaluate your Website and take-it-up a notch! Here are some ideas to improve your Website’s online presence in 2013.

Overall structure

  1. Simple, clean Website that is easy to navigate: Too much flash, music and other fancy-shamancy items may appear “hi-tech” but definitely not search engine friendly and may not be even user friendly. Admit it; do you like music that automatically starts on a site when the homepage loads? What if you are at work?
  2. Conversions & contact forms: Just like any investment you make, you want to know if you are reaping the benefits, for your Website you want to make sure you have measurable forms of conversions on the site. Ideas: Contact forms (with thank you pages) and/or a Web-specific phone number.
  3. Google Analytics: It is free and easy to install…if your site is built in a content management system. These days, most content management systems have an in-built feature to add the Google Analytics Website specific code or ID.  Here is some additional information in Google Analytics.
  4. Images: Invest in adding some good pictures to the site. They tell a better story and do a better job engaging potential customers

Additional search-engine friendly information

  1. SEO tags: See if you have title & description tags that explains the information on a page. Most content management systems have plugins to add these to pages. Keep these tags specific to content on the page. If you are the adventurous type and have sometime on hand, you may want to look at doing some keyword research. Here is additional information on Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Image optimization: Make sure all images or at least the product-specific images have a relevant “Alt Tag”. In order to test this copy and paste the image from your site to your computer. See the title i.e. the text the image automatically saves as…if it is product-specific then you are good. If it is not, “Alt Tags” would have to be updated. In most cases, you may need a developer to help you update these tags.
  3. Content: Makesure the content on the site is relevant and up-to-date. Some ideas to make content appealing:
    1. Keep it short about 150-250 words per page
    2. Use bullet-points
    3. Short paragraphs
    4. Make the content as specific as possible
    5. Try cross selling with internal links to other product pages
    6. Add a link to the contact page to encourage conversions
    7. Images are great! Add them wherever possible
  4. Social Media: Look into engaging socially online. Facebook is the best platform to start with. Then look into Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Yelp! Here is additional information on Social Media.

These are some good ideas to evaluate & upgrade your site for 2013. Good Luck! Feel free to contact me with any questions.