Site Seeker Awarded MHEDA MVS 2019 AwardMHEDA’s Business Trend States:

“Members must commit to and implement a comprehensive and continuous digital marketing campaign to grow and brand their business and to keep pace with industry leaders. The right digital talent needs to be hired or outsourced for the organization.”

  • Do you have a comprehensive digital marketing plan?
  • Do you have the right talent working the plan?
  • Are you achieving the desired goals?

Site-Seeker is extremely proud of our partnership with MHEDA, and carry our Most Valuable Supplier badge with honor.

Special Offers For MHEDA Members

  1. MHEDA Members Earn $750 Google Ads Credit
    We recently discovered, through doing our research, that not all MHEDA members are not utilizing digital marketing through Google Ads. In fact, 59% of MHEDA members aren’t advertising on Google. That means almost half are. Digital ads put your company at the top of search results, boosting exposure and increasing ROI. The 41% that are using Google Ads, especially those members that are our clients, have seen a lot of success in generating leads. As a MHEDA member, we are offering you an opportunity to get started by giving you $750 toward your first month’s ads fees when contracting with us for 12 months. 
    Most of our partners deal in annual contracts, which allow us sufficient time to research, carry out a strategic plan, and measure. We offer a 7.5% discount on labor for all first-year contracts for new partners.
    We develop a variety of marketing reports available to MHEDA members including SEO ranking reports, paid advertising reports, and local optimization reports.
    We offer MHEDA members consulting packages at no cost. These 30- to 60-minute sessions share insight into your digital marketing and web properties. This could include competitive analysis, online advertising review, or our ever-popular website audit.

*Google ad credit and contract discount of 7.4% cannot be combined.

Exclusive MHEDA Content

“Google Ad Tips For Material Handlers”

Are your competitors’ ads listed at the top of the search results? Are you the 58% of MHEDA members that are not taking advantage of this digital realestate? If you have tried Google Ads in the past and have been burned, Watch this webinar for tips, and start taking to top spots. 

“Digital Selling Tips For Material Handlers”

Your customers – and the way they buy – are changing. Are you keeping up with current marketing trends, especially in today’s digital world? 

“10 Reasons Your Customers Can’t See Your Content”

Providing valuable content to customers and prospects is essential in the buyer’s journey. Avoid these 10 mistakes to shorten your sales cycle.

“Low-Cost, High Value Marketing Ideas For Material Handlers”

No more complaining about time or budget. These marketing tips were developed specifically for the material handling industry. 

“Does Your Website Suck?”

This quiz doesn’t take very long and can tell you A LOT about your website. After, we’ll provide actionable tips on how to improve your site! 

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