LG G Flex. The Ergonomic Smartphone

While this is not the first curved smart phone this is LG’s first. Samsung did release their own phone called “Round” recently. The key difference is the round has a horizontal curve. Basically Samsung’s Round will fit better in your pocket, and the Flex will fit better to your head. The down side to the flex is a slightly slower processor and lower resolution. Let’s keep in mind their goal might not have been the fastest phone, but a more usable one.

The most interesting part about this phone is the ergonomics. Another novel aspect is the G Flex’s back side, which features an elastic “self-healing” coating. This coat reportedly mends and protects the phone from day-to-day scuffs and scratches. Just another option that is focused at real life use. Cell makers will put lots of effort into the finish of the product, but then users will put a 5 dollar cover on it and remove any real beauty the phone once had.

I have long joked with friends that we have made phones much faster then they need to be. The screens already have more pixels then the human eye can see.  You can’t get more HD then that 🙂 Running Google Android operating system we can see the growing options users have while iOS users are still limited with color. I am eager to see how the smart phone will continue to evolve, and how our society will adopt it into our daily life.