Take a second and open up a new tab. Search for “HVAC distributors near me.”

Did your business come up?

Well, if you’re not advertising, then you definitely aren’t in the top 3 spots. And if you haven’t filled out your Google My Business information, you’re not going to be listed in the Maps section, either.

(Hint: those two places would be a great place to start if you want more traffic!)

While those top spots are important, savvy internet users have unknowingly trained themselves to scroll right past those results. Some people go directly to the organic (non-paid) results first because they trust Google and other search engines to provide them with relevant information. So, are you appearing in those results?

Don’t panic if you’re not. Chances are, your competitors’ websites aren’t appearing either. In fact, it’s just a bunch of review sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Thumbtack, Home Advisor and more. What the heck, Google?!

Is your business listed on any of those sites? If so, how does it fare compared to your competitors?

Again, internet users trust Google and any results on the first page. In fact, many studies show that at least 90% of all users refuse to go past the first page of results. This holds especially true for people suffering HVAC problems in their household. A broken air conditioner is a timely matter, and people aren’t going to research much at all.

In steps the concept of leapfrog marketing yet again. Obviously, as an HVAC distributor, you aren’t concerned with fixing Mrs. Johnson’s unit down the street. However, one of your contractor needs that business. So, how can you ensure Mrs. Johnson finds your contractor – the same contractor that buys parts directly from you?

As with your business, your contractor needs to be on those local listing sites. Many of them are simple to set up and free to use. You have to convince your contractors that their sites aren’t going to outrank the Angie’s Lists and Thumbtacks of the world. Instead, get them to embrace those sites as a means of driving more business their way.

When setting these listings up, be sure that everything is consistent. In some cases, generic profiles are already set up for your business. Claim them as fast as possible and update any incorrect information. Little things like leaving your area code off the phone number or not including business hours can be the factor that deters a potential customer from selecting your company. Remember: these are called local listings for a reason. You and your contractors must present the fact that you’re near these customers in need.

Site-Seeker understands the nature and importance of local listings for the HVAC industry. We’ll help you get listed correctly and give you easy-to-use strategies and templates to pass along to your contractors. Contact us today to start improving your online presence!

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