Google’s Home Automation Department

So there is no public department at Google called “Home Automation” yet. But, let’s just look at current events.

December 16th, Google bought 8 robotics companies. They state they will finish current military contracts, but have no interest in longterm military work.

January 13, Google bought home automation company Nest, the company who builds the iPhone-inspired thermostat. Yes, the one that tracks with motion detectors when you sleep and when you are in and out of the house… that one.

So to the technology lovers, this is rather cool. Google plans on investing lots of money into home automation. Let’s not forget that their cellphone is called Android (the cellphone that tracks your location for PPC ads). More seriously, people who are at all interested in privacy will most likely be a little upset that Google reads their email, tracks what websites they visit, knows when you are home, and waits for you to go to sleep. Drop in a Google-automated car that can drive itself if needed and they know where you go after you leave the house too.

So this might sound a bit like a conspiracy theory, but no one really knows what they plan on doing.  All I know is Google will become the largest company in the world at this rate.