Are Your Products Listed on Google Shopping?

If you don’t have your products listed on Google Shopping then you should take a serious look to see if it is right for your business. Google is the largest search engine with over a billion products listed. Product listing ads also known as PLAs are the highest converting ads. Many businesses experience significantly higher CTR rates than traditional text ads. In some cases, double or triple standard CTR rates. PLAs place your products in front of millions of online shoppers searching on for the products you offer. PLAs show shoppers exactly what you have for sale before they even reach your site, which makes them more likely to click on your ad.

Google product ad results appear in both Google Shopping, Google search, and on individual comparison pages. PLAs allow you to include an image, title, price, promotional message, and your store or business name, without the need for you to create unique ads for each product you sell.

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Step 1: Link your Google Merchant Center and AdWords accounts

You’ll have to link your Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center accounts to run your PLAs.

  1. In your Merchant Center account, click Settings > AdWords. If you don’t have a Merchant Center account you can set one up here.
  2. Enter your AdWords Customer ID (CID). Your CID appears at the top right of your AdWords account when you’re signed in.
  3. Click Add.

To complete this process, you’ll need to also link your AdWords campaign to your Merchant Center account. You’ll learn how to do this in the following steps.

Step 2: Create your Shopping campaign

  1. Sign in to AdWords at
  2. From the “Campaigns” tab, click +Campaign.
  3. Select Shopping from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose your campaign settings. Learn more about campaign settings for Shopping campaigns.
  5. Click Save and continue.

Note: Regular Product Listing Ads campaigns are going away in August 2014. You’ll need to upgrade to Shopping campaigns. Shopping campaigns are a more retail-centric way to manage your Product Listing Ads. Learn how to upgrade from regular Product Listing Ads campaigns to Shopping campaigns here.

Some of the new features for the Google Shopping campaigns include:

  • SKU Level Reporting – Now merchants are able to see how Google matches SKUs to queries.
  • Custom Labels – Custom labeling will allow retailers to integrate more detailed product information into their feeds and ultimately their campaigns.
  • Campaign Prioritization – Prioritize certain products or segments within the campaign so that retailers can drive traffic to those products without the complexity of having to adjust bids up and down to hope that they might trump others.

To learn more about the differences between Regular PLA campaigns and Shopping campaigns click here.

Still not convinced Google Shopping is for you. Watch this introduction video from Google. In conclusion, Google Shopping can put you in front of scores of new customers. The new features in Shopping campaigns give you tools to group and bid on the products you want to sell along with powerful reporting tools to monitor performance.