Getting the Most Out of Visitor Demographics

The point of marketing is to get your name into the conversation so you have a chance of winning new business, but so many people just stop there. Traffic to your site can’t be the end goal. Your website need to be a sales funnel. I am sure everyone is with me at this pointBut how do you make decisions in your company about what your website looks like or the message it shares? Who is your target audience? How do they see it? Many times I see two or three people in the company making these decisions and it’s just based on their interpretation of what they think customers want to see, or worse, just their personal taste… It’s really important to remember that what you like and what your customers like don’t need to overlap.

In the past this data was hard to get, but Google recently made changes to Google Analytics that gives us some of these basic bits of data. Below are just a few of these metrics we can look at. Hypothetically if you were tasked with targeting women between the age of 35-44 and this was your data you might want to reevaluate your marketing message. It’s important to remember at this point you are already getting them to your site, you just need to complete the sale.

5 Questions You Should be Asking Yourself:

  1. Who am I targeting and am I reaching them?
  2. How do they respond to my message?
  3. Who creates the message for my company and what drives there decisions?
  4. What demographic information do I have on my customers?
  5. Is my Google Analytics up to date?

We can’t allow ourselves to make decisions about marketing messages without supporting information. Connecting with our target audiences and understanding their interests will allow us to grow business with their market. Failing to do this will result in a lack of growth at best, or worst losing overall share.