Buyer Persona and the Connection to Site Content

Even though you know your business best, do you KNOW your customers just as well? In today’s world, technology is ever changing, at a rapid pace, affecting more than you may imagine. How has technology changed your customers? Do you know? You should know and this is why it is a good idea to conduct a buyer persona. Is there a demographic out there that you are not currently targeting but should be? How have your current buyers changed? Is your site, better yet it’s content, inline with your customers? Organizing your customers/clients into specific categories is a great way to target certain demographics and specifically to optimize their conversion.

As I had mentioned above, technology is ever changing and so this causes buyers to change as well. One thing we cannot forget is that buyers want what everyone wants, that human connection. Yes, in the digital world we live in today, people still want the human experience. One thing to keep in mind is as the buyer changes to adapt to the digital world, we have to understand this behavior and develop a human-centered approach to reaching them, digitally. This has to be done in the content we create, meaning we cannot create content and digital interacted based on OUR own ideas or what we think is “cool”. We have to create site content based on our customers and what they are wanting to accomplish. We need to provide them that humanization, but in the digital world. People buy products so we need to understand those people, our customers/clients, and create content for them. The more you understand your buyers, humanize the content for them, the more satisfied they will be, resulting in sales. Something you should think about doing!

Although this is not the ONLY reason to create or update your buyer persona, it is one great reason that is very valuable and will help your business grow.