Optimization Site Content for Google Hummingbird

Just came across this and thought it would be an interesting share. Post hummingbird, people have been asking me how they should be optimizing content. The traditional way is to stuff the words you want to rank for into the title tag and call it a day.  This really did work, but not any more. Say I want to rank for the search term  how to improve gearing ratio, conventional wisdom tells you to make this the title of the article.  I have found one such example too.

Most people would say this is perfectly optimized, and I would have agreed with them too. However after Hummingbird this just does not work. Google is reading and understanding what searchers are looking for.

In the image below we can see that the actual page that ranks for it does not use the words how to at all. In fact, one of them does not use improve, it uses increase showing that Google’s semantic search is working well.

The take away here is Google is not about the keywords anymore. Don’t just stuff words into your content because you see people are searching for them. Create great content that answers the question using natural language. If it is easy to read, clear, and people find it helpful it will work.