16 Things You Need To Know Before Rebuilding Your Website

Congrats! You’ve decided it’s time to give your website a little TLC. If you’re looking to refresh your website design, enhance it’s functionality, or rebuild it from the ground up, we’ve got some things for your to consider before you take the plunge. Feel free to add your comments below and add to the list!

The Good

  • Refreshing your website design for a better user experience & branding is a major plus.
  • You can now fix any development issues that are causing website errors or preventing website optimization.
  • New content can be created that’s more engaging & targeted toward your key audience.
  • Take this opportunity to improve/update your content management system. Make it easy for your employees to modify & maintain your website.
  • This is a great time to re-evaluate the calls-to-action on your site. Create compelling messages to drive your visitors to what matters the most!
  • It’s perfect timing to review & update or implement new optimized meta data for each page. Make sure to consult with Google Webmaster Tools first!

The Bad

  • Building a new website takes a lot of planning & prep. Without it, you’ll be lost!
  • With new website projects there often are too many cooks in the kitchen! Try and get input from a core group and keep the same people in all of the website meetings.
  • If you’re re-optimizing your site to increase your website traffic, you can’t expect immediate results.
  • Rebuilding your website can take up a lot of resources and energy which can be expensive. This is why defining website goals are so important!
  • Flash & excessive animation are outdated & not mobile friendly. Don’t use it!
  • Interpreting website analytics is difficult and things are not always as they appear on the surface. Don’t analyze your data on your own and consult with those who have experience!

The Ugly

  • Transferring content…especially when you can’t export your data from one website to another. There’s no nice way of saying it…formatting content is a P.I.T.A & time consuming.
  • The design & development process can get ugly especially when multiple parties are involved. Undertaking a big website project is going to take diligence & patience. Weekly meetings are recommended to keep things moving!
  • Websites require maintenance. Sometimes when a system update is made it breaks your site. This really frustrates web developers. A frustrated developer is not pretty!
  • We recommend user testing your current site in the planning stages of your new website project. Obtaining feedback from specific website users is insightful… but not always easy to hear. Approach this with an open mind and as an opportunity to improve.