10 Ways to Integrate Site and Social Media Content

Social Media IS Content and DOES matter just as much as your site content. As businesses, we don’t post content on our social media platforms for any other reason, other than to reach a goal. Our goal is to get our current followers to interact, to visit our site, to buy our product or service, that is what a business is. So think about it, we put a lot of time and effort (or should) into creating content on our SITE that is relevant, informative, captivating and attention getting. We want visitors to leave our site feeling satisfied and return to our site or store for more. If our site content isn’t beneficial to our company and customers, we should not take the time and energy to write it. We have to bring this content effort over to our social media as well. Below I have come up with 10 tips on integrating your site and social media content:

1.    Create a Schedule

Make a social media calendar and plan out what you will be posting for the month(s). Think about product launches, awareness months; informative messages that current and potential customers need. Make sure the schedule revolves around quality and not quantity.

2.    Get a Second Opinion

Like all content, make sure you have a co-worker look things over. It is always good to have a second set of eyes on things. You will want them to check not only for typos but also the message of the content to make sure the post won’t start any controversy or unwanted debate.

3.    Use “Teasers”

Build anticipation for your followers. Getting ready to launch a new product? Post content building up to the product reveal. Use a “teaser” photo, images are very attractive to social media followers! Don’t forget to do follow-up posts after the BIG “teaser” is revealed.

4.    Know Your Audience

Make sure to write and tailor your social media posts to YOUR audience, just as you do when writing your website content. Speak TO your audience and not AT them. Engage them. Spark discussions with them and find out what they want to talk about. It is all about your customers after all.

5.    Respond to Questions

Although this is a bit difficult at times, try to respond to every question your followers have. The unwritten rule is to respond on Twitter within a few hours and within 24 hours for Facebook and other social networks. Responding ensures that you are “listening” to your followers and want their engagement, that you are not using social media platforms just as message boards.

6.    Post Promotions

Take the opportunity where applicable to promote your content and spark conversation. When posting content, tie in a question. Ask your followers, “What do you think?” or “What would you like to see?” or “What is your favorite product?”. By asking a question, you are inviting and encouraging your followers to respond, which in most cases is the goal!

7.    Share

So you have been scheduling your posts around your content but feel like you are all out of original content to share. Instead of sharing your site content, share a link, an infographic or a picture of  yourself or someone in the company, this humanizes the business. When creating the post, ask a question, “Do you think we should try this?” or “What do you think?” or “We find this to be…do you too?”. Just make sure your shared content still circles back so that you don’t loose interest and interaction and is relevant to your business.

8.    Optimize

We definitely are conscious of optimization when creating our site content, but don’t forget that we can be with social media content too, where it fits. Just a little optimization will go a long way. Posts from social media platforms such as Facebook do come up in search engines. When scheduling posts though, keep in mind writing content for a person is much more effective than writing for search engines. We want to engage people through social media and if we have the opportunity to include search engines in that content, then well, that is a big bonus.

9.    Create Goals

Business plans have goals and your social media business plan should too. What are you trying to accomplish by using the social media platforms that you have chosen to work with? Create both short-terms goals (increase followers, increase interaction) and long-term goals (increase customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness).

10.    Interact

We touched on this a bit, but it is important to interact with your followers. Yes you want to respond to questions but you also just want to respond! If a follower says “I love your product”, let them know you appreciate them as a customer. Ask them what they love about the product, where they got it, when they got the particular product, if they would buy another one of your  products. Although the conversation is a digital dialog, behind the screen on the other end is a person and people like to have conversations and interact with other people.