I bet you’ve read how Facebook is the largest social media site in the world.

But did you know that more people have an email address than a Facebook account? E-mail is a much more intrusive marketing technique than social media, letting you find your way inside a targeted individual’s private inbox. This means you need to be much more personal and much more relevant.

Success in this medium is a both an art and a science.  We want you to leverage the contacts that you’ve accumulated over the years and find value in all those hard-earned relationships. With our experience, we’ll help you import, segment and maintain your lists, develop a plan to regularly and meaningfully communicate, and explore the best ways to impact and grow that audience.

Email marketing is used by many companies. But only a few use it strategically and find true value in the tactic. We’ve studied email marketing best practices and continuously engage the challenge of moving beyond the “delete” button. We’ll analyze your network and develop a custom plan to help you get opens, clicks and leads.