Site-Seeker believes the use of video in content marketing is more important than ever, making it a necessity to consider how you are using it within your marketing and branding strategies. We know that successful marketing plans also need to acknowledge Youtube’s place as the second largest search engine in the world.

From pre-production services including script-writing, strategy and planning, storyboarding, acting and voiceover talent sourcing, to production shooting, audio recording, lighting, talent coordination, to post-production editing, animation, motion graphics, asset trafficking, Site-Seeker offers full-service video and animation production.

The video content we produce provides incredible value and Site-Seeker’s process improves or acknowledges the following concepts. Video, animation and motion media can Improve SEO when this content is optimized properly. The modern world is a competition to capture attention. Video catches Consumer Attention more than any other media, providing Higher Engagement through commenting, sharing and embedding of video content in blogs, webpages, and social posts. The performance of video content has lead to Video-favored Experiences, illustrated by the implementation of auto-play on Facebook, which increases its visibility from social feeds to complex website layouts. Technology enhancements improve the measurability of the effectiveness video content has with Content Optimization Tracking like the tracking of click-through rates, time-based drop-off points, and the number of times the content has been viewed, creating a content efficiency feedback loop. Video content also provides a new opportunity to create Strong Emotional Responses that other media can’t match utilizing soundscapes, camera techniques, the audience’s emotional resonance with the subjects, people, actors, or objects being presented. Ultimately all of these benefits lead to the goal of Increased Conversions more effectively than copyrighting, static imagery or audio advertising can alone.