Resources for going Virtual

Google is helping businesses stay connected by offering free Hangouts Meet until July 1, 2020. Here’s a link to the announcement. The team at Site-Seeker uses this tool every day to communicate with their clients and team members. Geographic location no longer limits our workload and our relationships. Here are some great ways to improve your business and personal life with video conferencing.

Professionally Connecting in the Virtual World

Start scheduling those client meetings that got canceled. Clients may be working from home or have limited visitation within the office, but they will be happy to see a friendly face with a personal video chat meeting. These meetings will break up their day and give them something to look forward to. A virtual meeting will also allow you to discuss their current business needs in a more personal way.

Have a team that is used to working together? The Site-Seeker team just recently organized a team meeting with team members in five different locations at the same time. We were able to share documents and to talk through projects face to face with the assistance of the virtual meeting. Team members were able to call in throughout the day to get updates, ask questions or to check in with the team. Instead of everyone in the conference room, everyone was virtually in the same meeting room.

Virtual coffee dates are a real thing. Coworkers, clients and/or mentors are still able to have those much-needed coffee dates that we all find so valuable. Share ideas, commiserate or discuss your next great adventure over coffee with a virtual coffee date.  Organize a virtual lunch and learn or schedule a coffee date today.

Are workshops, training, or trade shows canceled? No problem. Host a virtual conference and get people engaged. There’s no better time to offer training or to plan for the future of your business than today. Offer online webinars, conferences. Consider live-streaming daily business or enrichment classes to keep your customers engaged. Be the brand that is a daily routine that helps people get through this challenging time.

Personally Connect in the Virtual World

If you’re still working at home and you need to check in with your teen(s). Open a video meeting and let the teens check in with you throughout the day. Not sure if they did there e-learning or cleaned their room? No problem, video meetings allow screen sharing and room inspections!

Have a book club or group night out via video conferencing. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and grab a snack and catch up with your friends, face to face and share what’s going on in your world. Talk about your latest binge shows or your favorite books, or where you can still buy toilet paper!

Check-in with at-risk friends and family members. There’s nothing like seeing your loved one’s faces when you are in stressful situations. Call your elderly family members and neighbors to check on them. It will be the highlight of their day. You could even plan to have nightly dinners with your friends and family. Pick a time and turn on the laptop and sit down to dinner and discuss your day and your plans for the week ahead.
Not everyone has the same technical abilities and sometimes virtual communications can seem like an impossible dream. If you need assistance or think advanced virtual communications can help your business, give us a call and see if we can help make this impossible dream into a reality.

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