Website Audit

SUNYIT had an odd dilemma. Its website had never been completely rebuilt. Instead, over the course of a decade or so, several developers and in-house personnel had come and gone, putting their own unique improvements and band-aids to the site. The result was a very slow, navigationally-disastrous experience. Site-Seeker stepped in. We performed a deep website audit, diagnosing everything from code, to hosting, to site architecture. After uncovering more than a billion duplicate web pages (yes, billion with a “b”), we helped rectify the dynamic duplication errors, while providing a variety of other site recommendations.

Social Media Training

At the same time, admissions was in need of social media support. We audited their current platforms, provided a strategic plan, and spent a full day sitting down with their in-house team to review the documents and train them on social media best practices. They took these learnings and were off and running!

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