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"Driving" More Business

Locals in Syracuse know that Rudy Schmid is the place to go when you need an oil change, new brakes, collision repair or any other vehicle need.

The company was thriving but recognized an opportunity to drive even more revenue since few local businesses knew of the fleet vehicle services that they offer.

Fleet management is big business for auto body garages – our goal was to drive more local businesses to Rudy Schmid for commercial vehicle services. What better way than a video testimonial?

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Importance of testimonials







After selecting two current fleet customers with the client, Site-Seeker put together a set of interview questions that would best highlight why Rudy Schmid should be your go-to shop for commercial vehicle maintenance. Using our new state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, our team filmed, produced and edited all video for this task. We even cut the video into smaller segments that can easily be shared via social media, email marketing and more!

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