Excel Dryer CPC


Testing, Testing, and More Testing

Excel Dryer had a stable and successful online advertising program, but Site-Seeker wanted to see if any changes made to the ads would result in a lower cost per completion (CPC).

Site-Seeker set up an A/B testing system that put different ad copy in head-to-head competitions for a period of three months. The best performing ad copy was chosen based on click-through-rates and total goal completions.

To add an additional layer of testing, Site-Seeker created and experimented with variations of the winning ad copy, removed negative keywords, and improved match types.

As a result of further perfecting Excel Dryer’s campaign, cost per completion was reduced by 52% in just six months. This was a tremendous cost savings based on the client’s overall budget, and we were able to better spend their dollars to drive more leads.