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Rapid Expansion Through Social Media

Since CoreLife Eatery’s inception, it has had plans to grow rapidly within its first five years – having a mission to bring healthy food to more and more communities across America. It recognized the importance that social media marketing plays in building brand awareness as well as advocacy, and the need for a well-built social content strategy to pair with each of its local store launches.

To develop online communities around each of CoreLife Eatery’s local stores, we create Facebook business pages for each location with specific content, including captivating videos and eye-catching photography, tailored to those customers. This helps us engage with customers directly at the local level. Using our strategic social media content plan, we support the launch of a new store before, during and after opening, carefully using digital advertising to support the cause as well as providing VIP passes to online influencers. This series of posts are strategically mapped out to maximize reach and engagement.

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Metrics & Results

As each store launches, engagement continuously increases. This includes growing fan bases, more online reviews of each restaurant, as well as heightened post engagement. With each new opening, fanship closes in on 10,000, not to mention tens of thousands of comments and shares, and hundreds of thousands of video views. In addition, during a social media VIP giveaway, we drive more than 1,000 people to each store’s soft opening, which typically generates more than 150 four or five star reviews on the page. Finally, engaging posts, that cater to customers’ interests and concerns, create conversation and buzz within the community that CoreLife Eatery is the place to be.

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