Digital Marketing Conference

As the premier digital marketing conference in Central NY, it made sense for Site-Seeker to play a role as both sponsor and presenter. Taking place at Sky Armory, this past year’s topic focused on social media analytics – driving real results beyond page likes and shares. Site-Seeker used data from its largest account, CoreLife Eatery, to demonstrate the success that’s been had as a result of strategic social media efforts.

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Rich Data Insight

Starting with five core values and a fantastic product, we helped develop a plan that helps effectively tells the brand’s story to a highly targeted audience leading up to the launch of a new store. We feature a blended approach of advertising and organic activity that gets users engaged with our content and eventually visiting our website,  and stepping into the store to trial our product. Tactics include quality photo and video, SEO, blogging, local events, and more. The presentation, led by Brian Bluff and Tom Armitage, was well-received among the marketing crowd at the conference.