Priyanka Kapadia

Operations Manager

Better known as Pri.

She has a knack for putting clients at ease through her cheery personality and strong communication skills. Pri earned her master’s in business administration and bachelor’s in journalism and public relations from Monmouth University. Thereafter, she worked for a Gannett-owned newspaper, spearheading online content and news distribution. She started with Site-Seeker in 2009 as an internet marketing specialist and grew in her role to now lead our operations team while managing some of the agency’s largest accounts. Pri is involved in most website projects and often leads our buyer persona creations. She lives with her husband and two children in Virginia. Her hobbies include working out, dancing, cooking, caring for her pets, and traveling.

Top Strengths

  • 1. Significance
  • 2. Achiever
  • 3. Includer
  • 4. Competition
  • 5. Winning Others Over