Kelsey Cataldo

Assistant Marketing Manager

Detail-oriented isn’t just a line on her resume. You should see her campaigns.

Kelsey makes everyone in the office jealous with her morning pancakes and delicious homemade treats. She earned her bachelor’s in public relations at Utica College and is currently pursuing her master’s in integrated marketing communication at Marist College. Kelsey joined the Site-Seeker team in early 2017. Having a background in both non-profit and corporate sectors, she has gained skills in many marketing disciplines including community development, event planning, branding, and more. Kelsey obsesses over the visual side of marketing – from photography to video – and how it can best be used to drive results. She also enjoys researching the latest industry trends and learning how they can be applied to practice. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys hiking, spending time on the lake with friends, and exploring new cities.

Top Strengths

  • 1. Input
  • 2. Achiever
  • 3. Learner
  • 4. Positivity
  • 5. Intellection