An Integrated Approach to Online Advertising

The first thought that an advertiser has when he or she hears the phrase online advertising revolves around banner ads. They are currently the most popular and prominent form of online advertising. But, options for reaching your customer base present themselves in many ways beyond that simple, square box at the top of a website. To achieve success, online advertising needs to be dynamic and integrated.

Site-Seeker first explored online advertising as a PPC advertising company. We’ve since evolved due to the nature of the marketing industry. Our services range anywhere from Google to Facebook to online publications and beyond.

Our multi-faceted advertising approach deals with the immense reach of banner ads, the salience of video and audio in regards to these ads, and the interactions that potential customers have with all of your online advertising strategies. The following is a description of these mediums and actions we will take to reach our goal. That may have sounded like a marketing pitch – But it’s real! Alright, if you’ve made it past the boring stuff, read on…

Banner ads

  • Floating ads: Imagine an image that stays in the corner of the webpage, even when you scroll down the page. Now you have it.
  • Dropdown and expanding: I know you’ve seen these. You’ve hovered your cursor over an image and it has expanded. You have it again.
  • Scrolling: These little guys drift across the page.
  • Animated banners: a bouncing ball, moving targets or interactive designs. These are all examples of animated ads.
  • 3 stage banners: one, two, three. These three-framed ads simply rotate within a few seconds, showing a more dynamic message.

Intermediate placements: Waiting for a webpage to load can be daunting. So, why not place an ad in front of the visitor while they’re waiting? This is where an intermediate ad would sit.

Sponsorship: donate a few bucks and have the site mention you. Ta da! There you go.

Mobile: I don’t need to explain.

Interstitials: a little less obvious than the rest of the ad types mentioned here are interstitials. They’re popular on new sites, and appear in the center of the articles. This is a great position to grab the attention of most readers


  • Google and Bing/Yahoo are a part of the PPC world, but there are others…
  • Shopping engines like Shopzilla, Nextag and Amazon are viable options
  • Networks like Google Affiliate fit nicely into this category

Advergames: one of the more enjoyable forms of Internet marketing is the gaming version.

Rich Media: this doesn’t mean you need to give a billionaire a backrub to get a conversion on your site. This is video, gaming and podcast and the like.

Options are an unpleasant part of media marketing but extremely important. Step back. Begin to understand your position in the buying cycle and build off of it. Before you know it, it will be building you.