Getting the Most Out of Google Trends

I love Google Trends! It gives us the ability to see how the world’s searches or interests are moving, even if they are just in circles. For those of you who are not sure what Google Trends is, here are the cliff notes. Google tracks every single search that happens. Trends is a front-end tool that allows us to see a visualization of that data. It helps us see the patterns or directions.

For example, in America we are all about seasonal buying…This is rather clear when you look at our patterns on sales and returns. No surprise we see a spike in “sales” search in December, and “return” in January. You would have thought we learned our lessons about gift buying by now, but that’s another topic.

United States

Lets take a look at another market.  In India, these patterns are not the same. In fact, over the last two years, there have been fewer searches for sales. I guess with such sharp spikes in returned gifts people just get gift cards now. Joking aside, remember different areas search in different ways. This goes for countries or even states. Don’t believe me? Ask one person from each state what their favorite soda is and see how many of them look at you oddly.


While these examples are well-known facts, you can also use it to uncover shifts or patterns you don’t know about. Lets take it out of the B2C area and move into B2B.

Since 2005, there has been less interest in buying forklifts online. Now, I am not saying that the buying and selling of forklifts is a business that is going away, but I am saying it is a changing business.

Forklift Interest in the United States

Google Trends will also show us the rising or replacing terms. In the last 12 months, searches for “Crown Forklifts” has gone up almost 100%. This shows us that high level terms might not be giving searchers the results they expect, so over the last few years, we are changing our habits on how we search.

Crown Forklift Interest

Give Google Trends a try today and compare its data with your own site’s growth. Site-Seeker also offers many levels of real human-powered web audits. Eddie Bluff and I will actually look at your site ourselves. If having someone else check your site is the best option for you, please send us a message!