4 Trainings Every New Marketing Hire Should Undergo

4 Trainings Every New Marketing Hire Should Undergo

Being the new guy in the office is tough, especially when it’s your first job in the marketing world. I should know – Site-Seeker hired me in October of last year. I had never worked for an agency or dealt with clients. Everything was very new to me.

The people in the office were (and still are) great, helping me whenever I need it. While nothing beats that personal interaction and learning as you go, training and onboarding have proven to be just as important.

Every company in every industry implements some onboarding process: the usual icebreakers, endless forms and papers to fill out, retirement packages — which reminds me, I still have to set up my 401K.

An essential part of new hire onboarding here at Site-Seeker includes training courses (and I thought I completed school). So as I sat through hours upon hours of educational videos and hands-on training, I look back almost five months later and realize I am actually using everything I learned!

Without further ado, here are four pieces of training every new marketer should undergo.


Lynda.com, owned by social networking giant LinkedIn, boasts hundreds of educational videos that range from 3D Animation to building a responsive website and everything in between. The nice part about it is the ability to set up a playlist that monitors your progression through each course. Don’t even think about skipping a video – your superior will know!

I took the social media courses and WordPress essentials for Site-Seeker’s website. While the beginning was very slow (I already knew how to upload a picture to Facebook) the advanced courses would not make sense without first understanding the basics.

Each course is broken down into a set of videos. For example, the marketing category has 116 courses comprised of over 3,000 videos! The courses are categorized by skill level, software used, and marketing topic covered. Not only is Lynda.com perfect for onboarding, but also whenever you need a refresher in practically anything.


Did you think going into the marketing world meant you didn’t need to know anything about coding? Think again!

It’s especially important to understand basic HTML and CSS coding in the digital marketing world. We design, build, optimize and edit websites for our clients at a moment’s notice. Not only does the right content have to be present, but it all has to look good too!

Codecademy breaks each topic into units that include hands-on lessons. Users cannot access the next lesson until the current one is 100 percent accurate. While the hints are great, sometimes it’s near impossible to find that one “[” or “;” that’s missing. A quiz follows each unit and tests what you’ve learned. The end product of the entire course is building a website from scratch, something many of us thought we could never do.

Learning some basic code gives you the ability to go into the back end of sites and manually edit content. Nobody expects you to build the next Google or YouTube, but it saves your developer time, which means he’ll hate you a little less.

Google AdWords

It is a goal of many marketing agencies to be labeled as a Certified Google Partner. One way to do that is to have a certain percentage of employees be AdWords Certified. So, how do you do that?

By passing a test. Well, two tests.

First is the AdWords Fundamental course. This covers definitions of terms that you’ll encounter while doing pay-per-click advertising, different bidding and conversion strategies, and more. After you pass the initial test, Google then requires users to pass a more advanced test. There are currently five options, including Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Shopping.

Google provides great resources to help pass the test. Some of the questions even appear in the study guide. A good strategy for an agency is to create your own guide for future hires, as well. It never hurts to have more information.

HubSpot Academy

Many of you already know HubSpot and if not, you should ASAP. An awesome feature the marketing automation company provides is their education courses in HubSpot Academy.

While it offers five certifications, let’s focus on the Inbound Marketing course. It’s the first certification and is FREE for everyone. HubSpot “professors” run you through different strategies and tactics to acquire new leads and visitors to your site and how to close the deal with them.

The course is roughly 4.5 hours long but well worth it. The main takeaway is learning how all the different aspects of a website (SEO, blogging, PPC ads, landing pages and more) work together to create an inbound marketing strategy.

Of course, it’s nice to have these certifications and badges to put on your personal LinkedIn page (which you should definitely do), but the main benefit is bettering you as a marketer. These training courses give you the ability to jump right into tasks and begin helping your company serve its clients.