Keyword Research

The very best keywords are search phrases that are often searched for and little competed over. Obviously, it takes a good amount of research to find the very best keywords. Keyword research is the process of understanding how your audience searches for your products, goods, or services. You can then use that information to better optimize your site, in order to increase the interested, better-qualified traffic to your site.

When users search the Web, they tend to use more concise terminology than in conversation. Often, Web marketers will go after the top general search phrases that drive a lot of traffic and ignore the multi-phrase searches that more narrowly define their audience. These more specific phrases are called long tail search terms. Targeting them often provides greater value than targeting the general terms.

One user who searches for “GPS” could be trying to complete any number of tasks. He may be looking to buy a GPS, but he also might be trying to figure out what the abbreviation stands for, how to use the general idea of it in his business, discover how it works, or any number of things. Contrast this search with a different user, who searches for “Garmin Nuvi 350 Cheap Next Day Shipping.” This search tells us that the searcher is looking to immediately buy a specific model of GPS; this user is much further along the sales funnel than the first user. Thoughtful keyword research will help you discover how users search to get to your site, and what searches lead effectively to conversions, sales, or leads.

Are Your Keywords Ranking?