Engagement & Conversion Strategy

Engage and Covert with Landing Pages

The majority of B2B product purchases begin with online search, so we want to get in front of the customers. It’s where people are looking for the products they need. Effective landing pages funnel site visitors to convert on a call to action. Landing pages are important to the success of any lead generating website. But where do you start?

At Site-Seeker, we understand and we’re here to help you design effective landing pages that draw in targeted traffic while keeping people curious, engaged, and excited when they get there.

Through our analytic tools, Site-Seeker can identify where your visitors enter and exit your current site. This valuable information helps us in determining what steps we will take to bring you the most relevant visitors and keep them on your site longer.

Optimizing landing pages begins with first identifying what purpose your landing page serves. Are you looking to generate a direct sale from your site through purchase of a product or service?

Do you want to generate leads via a contact form or signing up for a newsletter?

Is your interest more geared towards learning about your audience preferences through user-generated feedback?

Whatever your goals are, Site-Seeker can assist you in designing your landing page layout and developing appropriate content to reach your targeted audience.

We work with you to create optimized landing pages that are highly relevant to your website visitors. Through our landing page optimization process, you will be able to:

  • Identify core offerings.

  • Segment and define your visitors and associated conversion goals.

  • Learn what friction points exist in your conversion process and strategize to eliminate them.

  • Employ multiple calls to action.

  • Optimize your landing page.

You work hard to drive traffic to your site so make sure they convert into leads! We can help you leverage landing pages and engagement forms to drive revenue.

Leaving Leads on the Table?