The climb to marketing success is more difficult if you don’t know WHO you’re trying to reach or HOW to reach them. Brian and Eddie Bluff have studied this industry, your customers, and your online marketing challenges. Engage in this project with us and let us guide you and your business through your marketing challenges, increase your leads and drive your business to the top!

We envision this as being a two-way, interactive process that requires your input. Your insight is invaluable and forms possibly the most important part of this whole plan. As members of HARDI, you are some of the best, smartest, and most successful figures in the HVACR community. You have deep insights into the industry, and Site-Seeker wants to shine a spotlight on the collective business intelligence of HARDI’s membership to round out this picture.

“I’m very excited to support this project. As Chair of the HARDI Marketing Committee, I know firsthand about the struggles members face everyday concerning their marketing programs. This effort will, in essence, provide a marketing roadmap developed with Member input and through the support of an impressive panel of experts familiar with the HVACR industry. I echo Emily’s request for member participation and I’m confident that you’ll get more than you give.” – Laura Roberts, cfm Distributors, Inc. Vice President

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