Are you prepared to ascend? The Elevate 2016 HARDI Annual Conference is here, and Site-Seeker is poised to make a splash by giving a talk on Sunday, December 4. This talk is part of our year-long alliance and research initiative, during which we hope to take your business much higher.

In my previous blog posts, we talked about the above initiative; the key learnings from J. Michael Marks and Steve Deist Myths and Misperceptions: How Markets Are Really Made in HVACR; and some basic topics about online marketing and digital strategies. This time around I want to do something slightly different and talk specifically about Site-Seeker's capabilities as a digital marketing agency. With the prior blog posts I tried to lay some of  the groundwork for our talk, and learning about Site-Seeker is a big part of that.

First and foremost, Site-Seeker is all about understanding our clients' needs and getting the best results for their unique situations. This is why we've spent so much time researching the HVACR industry and conducting interviews with HARDI members. Our primary goal with this marketing and research initiative is to create a toolbox of digital marketing strategies to help members on every level.

We will offer distributors powerful tactics to grow their current customers. At the same time, we'll help contractors by looking at contractor listings, reviews, and all the important web presences you may or may not be aware of -- all to optimize the experiences they offer customers. This is a virtuous circle, as distributors will succeed as contractors succeed.

Creating a roadmap for successful marketing in the digital age doesn't vary wildly between industries. For most B2B realms (Site-Seeker's specialty) there are some core principles to keep in mind. The most important is probably knowing which strategies work with your audiences.

Site-Seeker authors detailed buyer personas in order to hone in on your audience. Getting inside prospective buyers' heads is the key to making a good digital strategy. If you don't truly understand your objectives, it's impossible to accomplish them. We've found in the past that clients will have all the knowledge they need to make a good strategy, but going through the buyer persona process helps put it all together in an actionable, comprehensible way. You might understand on some level that prospects need some amount of information, have price sensitivity, and value high level service. But turning these thoughts into goals and KPI are what drive marketing plans.

Everything else flows through the buyer personas. The best ways to do lead generation and guide prospects through a purchasing decision come up here. Creating a lead nurturing program that works.

Drilling even down further, as an online marketing company Site-Seeker excels at weighing and choosing the correct digital strategies. Is social media important? (If you didn't read the previous blog post, you might be surprised.) What, if any, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising should you do? How can you set up and then optimize such a campaign? Is your website holding you back, or is it an invaluable sales tool? Is it mobile friendly?

Depending on what our research and buyer personas end up recommending, Site-Seeker could also revamp your website by looking at content, site architecture, design flow, and other search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. To personalize the process, we conduct a full audit of your website, and co-op programs, email marketing program, and your eCommerce set-up.

Throughout our initial research, we've learned that growing your business in the HVACR industry is extraordinarily hard. Most buyers are deeply entrenched in their practices, and there are few opportunities for gaining ground more quickly than the growth of the overall industry. With how challenging the industry is, it's a huge win to facilitate any prospective buyer's online experience with your brand.

It’s Site-Seeker’s sincere goal to raise HARDI members online presences and bottom lines. We’re throwing a significant part of our resources into this project, and at the end of the day we need a little bit from members, too. Our year-long research project is opt-in, and we have a strong desire for you to do so. You’ll get the most out of Site-Seeker’s ten years of experience in the online world, and we’ll be able to offer the most comprehensive plan to you. It’s a rare win-win situation.