At least you should if you want to stay current and make sure your website is (a) found when people search on smartphones and mobile devices, and (b) provide those mobile users with a positive user experience. You've seen those folks pinching away at their screens trying to locate a relevant section of a webpage, or, they could be trying to make that illegible print large enough to read. Yes, these are the websites that lag behind the curve and still fail to offer a mobile-friendly experience.

There's a great case study (below) if you'd like to learn more... 

With more people today searching for websites on a phone while on the go, versus on a desktop while in an office, it makes complete sense that Google's algorithm's now factor in the mobile responsiveness of websites in their rankings.

Mobile web-traffic continues to climb across all industries and if you are unsure if your website is mobile friendly, click below to take the mobile friendly test.

If you would like to get "mobile" this new year and talk to an expert about next steps, give us a jingle and one of our merry old elves will be in touch...