Thomas Armitage is a high-energy, socially-consumed digital marketer.

He joined Site-Seeker in May 2013 as the digital marketing/content specialist. With a passion for telling stories, he puts his creativity to use in building content that is optimized and attractive on the ever-changing, ever-growing web. His public relations and marketing backgrounds help him play a versatile role at the agency, managing mid to large-size client accounts and building strategic plans around digital and social media, content marketing, and SEO.

As a blogger, Tom’s pieces have been featured in Entrepreneur, MarketingProfs, PR Daily, SocialMediaToday, and SEMrush. Part time, he is also an adjunct professor at Utica College where he teaches social media. Prior to joining Site-Seeker, Tom was a public relations manager at Overit, a full-service agency in Albany, NY. His passion for conventional and new media was the driving force behind his clever pitch angles and engaging content, helping him secure national coverage in outlets such as Forbes, USA Today, PCWorld, and VentureBeat. He has also held marketing/PR roles at Sovena and Upstate Cerebral Palsy.

Supported by strength tests, Tom’s extrovert personality is accompanied by maximizer, WOO (winning others over), and strong communication skills. He loves juggling multiple tasks at once but has the drive and focus to finish all jobs to completion (and maybe even go overboard sometimes). Tom earned his master’s in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University and his bachelor’s in public relations from Utica College of  Syracuse University.

On a personal note, Tom is a music enthusiast, obsessed with punk rock and 90s rap. He’s a sports fan and you can catch him rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco Giants and West Virginia Mountaineers. He loves useful (and useless) trivia and can easily consume any and all types of desserts. Tom resides in New York Mills with his wife, Erica, their daughter, Noelle, their son, Desmond, and dog, Dexter. For more information, visit